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All Saints Christian School and Orphanage was started way back in 2007 by MOSES BUYINZA and his dear lovely father RICHARD BUYINZA. The idea was developed after a long search they made in and around different communities seeing many children suffering with no education and care.

Moses came to realize most of them were orphans others there had parents lacking the ability to take them to school, as well as studying. However, before all this happened, it was a Sunday after having prayers when Moses heard the Lord’s call to serve in a different ways of supporting these little children.

He and his father started with 15 children since they had a lacked of people to help. Each and every week, they were able to register new children joining in, but they would have to strive to find food to feed them. Dispite of the struggles Moses and his father continued, and as time went on gained a number of 96 children in the school project they had started, as well as, reaching out and starting to acquire some help outside the village to provide food.
They looked upon the little help given as to be the Lords blessings towards these little children. It brought great joy and inspiration to them to know they were being blessed by friends who's heart was to help these children. Moses continued the ministry adding children every now and again. In the meanwhile, he started to look for more friends to support these children.

From the time they started the orphanage in 2007 to the year 2015 number of children needing care increased to 175, while still struggling and praying they would receive at least a little food for these starving children. Each day passes they continue to pray God’s provision and support to bring in more members to have a heart in giving in something to support these little children.

Today, 400 children are presently on the program while construction and building the All Saints Christian School and Ophanage. Many of the children reside in the school for a safe easy learning environment and a place to develop their skills. Moses continues to work with others today, who believe that it is our mission as believers, to help educate and give them skills so that they can grow and become a lighthouse to the world.

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