Are you an out of town owner or simply do not have the time and resources to manage your cabin?

We are your solution!!!

“Bear Tootin … your getaway – go between” has created a program that puts the owner’s needs first. By charging a much lower management fee & allowing the owner to receive all the money up front, you are able to pay your bills, maintain your cabin (which keeps the guest happy), and achieve the ultimate goal…making a profit.
What we do for you
  • Take professional Pictures (FREE)
  • Shoot & Post 3D Virtual Tours (FREE)
  • Take Drone Pictures (FREE)
  • Advertise your property on 20+ of the most popular listing site: VRBO, AirBNB, Trip Advisor, etc
  • Post it on “Bear Tootin” website
  • Book reservations
  • Handle incoming reservations calls
  • Handle guest issues (by phone\in person)
  • Coordinate Activities for guest
  • Schedule & be present for Repair Calls
  • Reply to guest reviews
  • Create & display all cabin instructions
  • Maintain Cabin Inventory
  • Reply to guest reviews
  • Create Maintenance Reports
  • Shop for items need (you only pay cost of items)
  • No Maintenance fees *Cleaners provided by “Grime Evictors”
  • You only pay repair cost

How it Works

Bear Tootin will post your cabin on all of the trending websites, complete with photos, a 360 video, and a full description of amenities. When the renter inquires about your cabin, our reservationists will answer any questions and begin the booking process. We also assist guests with planning activities, directions, and general questions about our area.

If any issues should arise with the cabin during their stay, we will respond and address the problem. “Grime Evictors”, with nearly 30 years of cleaning experience, provides a thorough cleaning after each guest checks out. We also provide hot tub care and maintenance.  

If there are extreme maintenance issues that we can not take care of, we have contacts that can be reached on a moment’s notice. We use Streamline to keep up with your cabin’s accounting info, maintenance reports, damage reports etc.  You will receive your own login information so that  you can view reports and availability at your convenience. You have complete access so that you can be as involved as you choose.

20% Management Fee
We spent months researching how other cabin rental companies operate. We also talked to many owners about percentages taken, compared to services rendered and it seemed to be a very lucrative business, for the rental companies! The standard rate of 40% compounded with various fees, repairs etc. actually came closer to a 50/50 split. We ask only 20% of the nightly rental rate, not the “gross amount” of the reservation (after fees, cleaning, taxes, etc.). We feel this is a more fair percentage for our services, since you as the cabin owner, have other expenses associated with owning a rental cabin. We want your property to thrive as a vacation rental, instead of being a burden and an unprofitable debt.

When do owners get paid
You receive your money after the reservation has checked out so no accounting work is required on your end. We calculate and distribute all rental expenses (cleaning, management, & taxes) so that when you receive your money it is yours to keep. You will get a Direct Deposit within 2-5 days after the last day of the month.

Are there any monthly fees

— NO —

We know that it’s frustrating for the owners to get their statement at the end of the month to find out all kinds of fees & surprise charges have been taken out. This is how most cabin rental companies operate, but not Bear Tootin.   We want to earn your trust and your business by being open and honest with what we charge from the beginning.  You will never be charged for something we have not previously discussed.  

Owner's Accounting Records
You will be given a login & password to keep track of your cabins records. From your login you can view all past & future reservations, accounting records, maintenance reports, etc.

Nightly Rates
We make suggestions on what we think is most profitable but the owner has the final call on all the nightly rates.

Guest Reviews
Reviews are extremely important! All reviews that are posted online by a guest, cannot be changed or removed.  Just like anything else, you will get the good with the bad. This is always kept in the back of our minds, so everything that we do we try to do A++. We respond to all reviews that get posted. If any issue has been brought to our attention thru reviews, we make necessary work orders or pass suggestions on to you.

Linen Cost

— NONE —

When you sign up with Bear Tootin we provide all linens and towels. We understand that you already have a list of things you would rather spend your money on to make improvements in your cabin. We appreciate and encourage that for the benefit of your guests. We purchase top quality linens and beautiful brown towels from walmart & amazon. We have found that the colored linens & towels are more efficient and match the cabin decor perfectly.

Linens for Guests
We look at it like this…If it’s something we would use in our own homes, which we usually choice “the best of the best”, then it’s good enough for the guest. Our Sheets are microfiber and Towels are 100% cotton & softer then most hotel towels


—NO Monthly Maintenance Fees—

  • Anything we can do like changing light bulbs to hanging up a bathroom towel bar, we will take care of with no charge to the owner.  We consider that part of our job as being your management company.
  • If there becomes a major issue concerning plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.. we have 24 hour maintenance guys that are certified to handle these kinds of situations.
  • You are always contacted for approval before any major repairs are made. (if we cannot reach you in case of an emergency, we will take necessary steps to protect your property)
Cleaning after guests
  • We have created our own cleaning company called “Grime Evictors”. We feel that it’s best if we have full control of everything instead of contracting out cleaners.
  • Our cleaning crews are only allowed to clean 2-4 cabins a day mainly because they are in each cabin 2-5 hours depending on size. We feel that the cabin cleanliness should be top priority. This eliminates upset guests, bad reviews, and we want your cabin to be showcased at it’s best quality.
Hot Tub Service
  • After each guest the hot tub will be tested, cleaned, and the necessary chemicals added.
  • The owner never has to pay for the hot tub service after the guest leaves. This cost is included in the cleaning fee that the guests pay.
  • If there is something electrical or internal wrong with the hot tub, upon your approval, we have several independent contractors we can send to repair or diagnose the problem.
Deep Cleaning
  • When we first take on a new cabin, we carefully inspect to see if a deep clean is necessary prior to renting so that we can get the cabin up to our strict standards.
  • Different areas in the mountains get dustier than others.  If you or we feel it is necessary to perform another deep clean, or partial deep clean, we will agree upon a price at that time.
Lawn Care
We do not require that you have a mandatory lawn care service, but if your cabin does need it, it’s a good idea to keep it up for appearance. Each owner can choose their own lawn care provider but if you do not have one in mind, we do recommend one for you. They will put your cabin on an every other week & you will pay them directly.

Damage Fee Options
Bear Tootin has come up with a new “damage fee” to benefit us both called Protect My Bear Den. The guest will pay a non-refundable damage fee per reservation.  This money will be held by Bear Tootin to be used to replace broken or damaged items by the guest.  Bear Tootin will cover up to $1500 per reservation. The owner will still be responsible to replace major wear & tear items, repairs or breakdowns. We put this fee in place as a protection plan for you. We do not want to have to bother you for every little pool tip or coffee pot that gets broken. We will simply purchase and replace damaged items.

Guest Necessities
This cost is included in the cleaning fee the guest pays per reservation. We buy our supplies from A&W Supply to make sure we get top quality products. This keeps the guests happy & helps in eliminating guest complaints. We provide a starter pack of: toilet paper / paper towels / bar soap (for each shower) / liquid dish soap / dishwasher powder / trash bags / laundry powder. Since we don’t have the convenience of being in close quarters like a hotel, if the guest runs out, it is up to them to buy more.

Guest Refunds
Our general policy is:
  • If the guest calls 30 days prior to their arrival date, they get their money back minus a $50 cancellation fee.
  • If guests cancel within 30 days, we will re-open their dates for availability and whatever dates we can rebook, that is the amount we will refund (minus $50).
  • Guests have the option to move their dates at anytime with no charge.
  • If there is an issue during a guest stay and they request a refund, we will inform the owner on “case by case” basis to make a decision before any refunds are given.
  • Each site has their own listing guideline and cancellation policies that we have no control over.  We have to abide by these guidelines in order to advertise on their sites.
Management Contracts
In our personal opinion, we would prefer not to have a contact that binds you to continue renting with our company.  We do not want our owners to feel like they are “trapped” with us. We want to earn your trust each day! We are taking on a big responsibility by managing your property.  If you feel we are not providing the best service, or if you feel another rental company can suit your needs better, we want you to be free to make the best decision for your investment.  The only agreement that we have states what we are responsible for and what you, the owner are responsible for in this relationship.
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