The Moses Family

Jerry, Deva, Eden & Baby Tabby


We live in Wears Valley TN, next to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and close to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville, which are some of the best tourist destinations in the USA. This area has been our home for the past 10 years and every day still feels like we are on vacation. These 3 things help us live life to the fullest and we are able to

Everything we do, whether it concerns our marriage, raising our daughters or even running our business, is based around our belief in God, Jesus Christ and the ability to use the Bible as our instruction manual.

These 3 things help us live life to the fullest and we are able to

Give Glory to God for all of it.

Why We Started

Bear Tootin

The business was created due to a blessing from God. In 2011, I (Deva) was working at my dream job planning activities and helping guests create their dream vacations at a resort in Gatlinburg.

I had been there for 3 years and was looking forward to having the opportunity of becoming the Activities Director and staying there for the rest of my working years… BUT God had another plan and surprised us with a pregnancy!

My husband Jerry and I had been trying unsuccessfully for 9 years to become pregnant and had come to the conclusion that children were not going to be a part of our lives while we were still here on earth. Then SURPRISE and all in God’s timing. To obey God’s word and put all of our trust in Him, I decided to leave my job after the birth of our daughter, Eden.

Having the ability to stay home with our daughter was a true blessing, being the working type of person a few months later I decided to start taking pictures for realtors in the area. It was working out great and I was able to put Eden in a papoose and snap away.
Along the way realtors would tell me of clients buying vacation rental properties and how they were in need of management company suggestions.

Having some free time and wanting to help, I decided to go around to different cabin rental companies and collect their contracts…looking through them I found high management percentages and monthly fees and began to wonder how an owner could even make a profit…let alone pay their bills.

After doing some research I started meeting cabin owners to understand what their true needs were and realized that there had be a better solution and so, I put together a business plan. Being a life long tourist, it was easy for me to know what cabin guest would want…great customer service, help planning activities and most importantly a REALLY CLEAN cabin.

Applying all of the new knowledge I had gained and my years of experience working at the resort, I decided a change was needed and I started this journey, our business,

How We Got Our

Logo and Name

While trying to establish our business name and logo, I knew very quickly that we wanted a mascot and the obvious choice was a cute little bear. So after it was designed, we started brainstorming the name, preferably something at the beginning of the alphabet to maximize web traffic.

However, “bear this” and “bear that” were already taken, naturally we wanted our name to stand out, something catchy that people would remember. Call it mental exhaustion or divine intervention but somewhere between those two while doodling one day, little swirl puffs ended up at the back end of the bear, then came the giggles, our gassy bear was born, hence the name“Bear Tootin”.

Once someone sees our logo and hears our name its kinda hard to forget and that’s exactly the goal we wanted to achieve.